• I trusted you for last time. You killed my trust again. I should have never trusted you. You banned me again for no reason, who the hell you listen to? ANDREW??? What the hell is going on???

    The guy who threatened to do sucide on wikia chat, who declared random wars, called liar by majority, lied so many times, you trusted/believed him? What's wrong with you????

    Ok. This was ultimate power abuse. Nonetheless wikia's 1 week would be over today. Wikia would do the change it want. After than action would be taken against your power abuse, it wouldn't get unpunished. If you abuse your power, you would get punishment.

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    • You would see Lurkiebot... you would regret heavily...

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    • As I have said before, look at the block log. You were banned by Andrew, not me. I know you two are not getting along very well, and I tried avoiding both of you lately in chats. Andrew's adminship was based on Harry's fast vote (which I hoped he would conduct better, not in such a small circle of Skype community) and has been removed, due to no legitimacy. 

      Andrew admitted he has severe psychological problems, but after he shown me how you have bullied him, I was not very surprised. 

      Next, VSTF user TyA agreed on your ban. You were sockpuppeting and vandalizing, which is a thing that leads to worse relations between our wikis and increases sockpuppeting from their side, and is basically a thing an admin shouldn't do.

      These were the recent things, there are several things from past, including you banning everyone from which with no good reason whatsoever. If I look further into the past, I see things including hate speech and blocking opponents and "manipulating users".

      And, just at the end I must add that I have nothing against you and you are quite a cool perosn, but I believe the ban reason is more than good.

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    • If you would like to solve these issues with me and explain me your point of view on those things and possibly make a deal out of it, tell me to come on some chat or just reply here. I apologize for too quick ban, but the reasons were more than good.

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